Your Goals

You need energy in mobile or stationary applications.

Our Skills

  • Analysis of requirements
    Based on your applications we define the reqirements for your custom battery solution. Depending on the application parameters such as desired capacity, charging and discharging behavior can vary strongly. A thorough analysis in the early planing stage avoids unneccessary expenditures and the additional cost that comes with it..
  • System Planing
    Based on the reuqirements we select the ideal components from the large variety of options. We take care that these components work optimally with your batteries. An exact adaptation to your needs restricts the unused energy to a minimum.
  • Integration
    Our battery solutions can be fit to any available space in any type of land- or water vehicle. Our experts install the systems together with your partners at your location. We also conduct the inital comissioning and programming of the system. Furthermore Eldev offers training programs to dealerships and workshops.


  • Batteries
    Our battery systems are based on modern LiFePo4 battery cells of the market leader Winston. Lithium battery cells have a high enery density that saves weight and installation space. Compared to conventional lead batteries they have a long lifetime, higher useable capacity, higher charge- and discharge currents. They lack the cumbersome memory effect and can be operated at very low temperatures..

  • Battery Management
    Lithium batteries have to be protected electronically in order to reach a long lifetime. Eldev integrated active and passive battery management systems in dependence of your requirements. These systems separate the load from the battery before the battery can be discharged to a harmful level. A balancing energy redistribution additionally increases the runtime and efficiency of our systems.

  • Installation
    Powerful battery systems need to be installed robustly. Eldev offers the according solution that fits into any installation space optimally. Our rugged housings and connectors are available in waterproof models up to IP 67.

Application Example


Retrofitting RVs
Retrofitting of campers and caravans with solar- and storage systems for off grid use
Replacement of lead batteries in public service vehicles
References and detailed information are available upon request.